What is ELATUS™ ERA?


ELATUS™ ERA is Syngenta's powerful SDHI fungicide that is proven to consistently deliver complete leaf protection against key diseases on wheat, barley, oats, and field beans. This improved disease control builds higher yields and better quality. 

Septoria wheat


Septoria, Yellow Rust & Brown Rust

Barley rynchosporium


Rhynchosporium, Net Blotch, Brown Rust & Ramularia

Chocolate spot on beans

Field Beans

Chocolate Spot & Rust 

Trial site Waterford

Trials In Ireland

Hundreds of field trials carried out in Ireland and across Europe prove that ELATUS™ Era with its unique active ingredient, SOLATENOL™ delivers powerful disease control against the economically damaging diseases of wheat, barley, oats, and field beans.

See the performance results for yourself. 

Research and Development

Based on the novel active ingredient SOLATENOL™ in a co-formulation with prothioconazole, ELATUS™ Era offers growers a new standard in cereal disease management

Cleared for use on wheat, barley, oats, and field beans, ELATUS™ Era is a direct result of Syngenta's sustained investment into R&D and its SDHI project in particular.

ELATUS™ ERA Timeline
How SOLATENOL™ protects against Septoria and Rusts

How SOLATENOL™ protects against Septoria and Rusts

This animation describes the life cycles of Septoria and Rusts within a wheat plant. Damage to plant tissue has already been done before symptoms can be seen on the leaf surface, highlighting the importance of using fungicide products preventatively.

SOLATENOL™ disrupts respiration within the fungal hyphae, starving them of the energy they need to survive.

By protecting the inside and outside of the leaf, ELATUS™ Era delivers enhanced green leaf area and proven yield benefits across different cereal crops, varieties and disease situations.