Managing barley at T2 to maintain green canopy and maximise yield

Keeping the leaf canopy green and active for a long as possible is a key function of the final fungicide spray on barley.

The combination of disease control and physiological benefits associated with BONTIMA makes it an excellent choice for that crucial final spray

In Brief :

  • A wide range of diseases can threaten later in the season - e.g. Rhynchosporium, net blotch, mildew, rust and Ramularia
  • The T2 fungicide will help to maintain ‘top to bottom’ green canopy protection
  • Prolonging green canopy will maximise yield and quality
  • BONTIMA delivers a full spectrum of disease control and green canopy protection at T2 in barley
  • AMISTAR OPTI remains a proven alternative fungicide base at T2 on spring barley