ELATUS ERA - A New Era For Bean Disease Control


Syngenta trials indicate that ELATUS ERA delivers higher levels of rust control and activity on chocolate spot that is at least as good as the available alternatives.

Rust (Uromyces spp)


Stage of use: From GS51 up to and including GS72

Chocolate Spot (Botrytis spp)

Stage of use: From GS51 up to and including GS72


ELATUS ERA is an emulsifiable concentrate containing 75 g/l (7.4% w/w) benzofluvindipyr and 150 g/l (14.9% w/w) prothioconazole.

Benzovindiflupyr is an orthosubstituted pyrazole carboxamide fungicide belonging to the sub-class of the benzonorbornenes.

Benzovindiflupyr is an SDH inhibitor (FRAC group #7 carboxamides). Benzovindiflupyr is predominantly protectant substance.

Prothioconazole is a triazole (DMI) fungicide. Prothioconazole is a systemic fungicide with protectant and curative properties.

ELATUS ERA should be used as a protectant treatment or in the earliest stages of disease development.


ELATUS ERA should be used in accordance with the instructions for use for the target diseases at the specified growth stages indicated. Use ELATUS ERA as part of an Integrated Crop Management (ICM) strategy incorporating other methods of control, including where appropriate other fungicides with a different mode of action. For further advice on resistance management, contact your local agronomist.


Always inspect crops to assess disease development immediately before spraying. Best results will be achieved from applications made as a protectant treatment or in the earliest stages of disease development following a disease risk assessment or the use of appropriate decision support systems.


Mixing Procedure

Make sure the sprayer is set to give an even application at the correct volume. Fill the spray tank with half the required volume of water and begin agitation. Add the required amount of ELATUS ERA to the spray tank and allow to disperse before adding any other product. Add the rest of the water and continue to agitate the mixture thoroughly. Always agitate during spraying.

Spray Quality

Apply ELATUS ERA using a three star drift reducing nozzle producing a coarse spray quality. A spray pressure of 2-3 bars is recommended.

Spray Volume

Apply ELATUS ERA in a recommended 100 - 400 litres of water per hectare through conventional crop spraying equipment. The higher spray volumes are recommended where the crop is dense or disease pressure/risk is high to ensure good penetration to the lower leaves and stem bases. Disease control may be compromised by reducing water volumes, where good spray coverage is difficult to achieve.

After Spraying

Thoroughly wash out sprayer three times according to manufacturer’s guidelines and dispose of washing and clean containers according to local water authority guidelines.