IZM nozzle offer

IZM nozzle offer

For the 2016 barley fungicide spraying season, Syngenta is offering the opportunity to claim free AMISTAR/Guardian Air drift-reducing nozzles.

What you need to do:

IZM nozzle offer

What you'll get:

This offer entitles the purchaser to claim one free nozzle from the AMISTAR/Guardian Air range for every full rate hectare of the product purchased** and ***

ProductPack sizeFull label rateNozzle entitlement per pack
BONTIMA5 litre2.0 l/ha2.5
CEBARA5 litre2.0 l/ha2.5
ZULU5 litre1.0 l/ha5

* Refer to full terms and conditions
** will be rounded up to the nearest full nozzle for the total claim.
*** Under the competition offer growers may choose from the range of nozzle sizes 02 to 05.

Long-lasting disease control with CEBARA, BONTIMA and ZULU

Achieving high barley yield and quality is critical to optimise return on investment and to reduce the unit cost per tonne of production.

Isopyrazam (IZM) is an SDHI-based fungicide offering a broad spectrum of disease control with resulting yield and quality improvements, on both winter and spring barley. The double-binding technology of IZM provides long-lasting protection and can be found in the well-established fungicide products BONTIMA, CEBARA and ZULU.

BONTIMA and CEBARA are co-formulations of IZM with cyprodinil, delivering a full spectrum of disease control at T1 and T2.

ZULU is a straight IZM product for tank mixing with other fungicide products at T1 and T2.


Our Drift-reducing nozzles >

When you combine winning fungicide formulation and drift-reducing nozzles then many additional benefits can be utilised:

  • Reduced loss of product into the environment
  • More product is delivered to the intended target
  • Wider weather window of spray application

The AMISTAR/Guardian Air range of nozzles (based on air induction technology) are classified as 75% drift reducing nozzles under STRIPE and in many instances will allow for significant reduction in buffer zone requirement. These nozzles are suitable for use on cereals pre-emergence and between T0 and T3 timings inclusive. Under this offer growers may choose from the range of nozzle sizes 02 to 05.


Why is reducing drift important?

Many pesticide labels carry a mandatory buffer zone requirement to surface water. This buffer zone, typically 5 metres (but can extend to 10 and 15 metres), must be fully observed when using standard nozzles. Using approved drift-reducing nozzles, this buffer zone requirement may be reduced significantly.

Details on how buffer zones may be reduced are outlined in Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine initiative STRIPE.

Under this initiative (refer to Pesticides Registration and Control Division website) pesticides carrying a buffer zone requirement which can be mitigated by rate reduction and/or nozzle selection are identified. This website carries recommendations on buffer zone reduction and how this may be achieved.

Key to buffer zone reduction is nozzle selection. Using drift-reducing nozzles may allow buffer zone requirements to be reduced.

Drift-reducing nozzles are currently classified as 75% or 90% drift-reducing.