Cropwise Spray Assist App

Tractor and sprayer in a field of wheat


The Spray Assist App combines local weather data with a grower’s spraying equipment to suggest the best spray window to optimise performance and minimise drift.

Setting up an account is very straightforward and once operational, growers can enter their sprayer model, boom width and available nozzles. The app will allow you to input your preferred water volume, the crop being sprayed and the relevant growth stage. It will then combine this information with predicted weather forecast over the following five days to indicate the best time to spray. Along with easier spraying forecast guidance, it will also select the most appropriate nozzle and pressure to use.

Having undergone rigorous testing, the app has proven to work very well. Test users have found that it allows them to better plan their spray operations and deliver better all-round results. Given the unpredictable nature of our weather, this app should be a great help to Irish growers.

Spray Assist App
Spray Assist App